Captain Paragon

    Character » Captain Paragon appears in 89 issues.

    First appears as Latigo Kid.

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    When aliens from the planet Rur needed a champion, they decided to abduct one of the many super beings that live on earth.  The one they select is Captain Paragon, who has been in suspended animation for 30 years. 
    Subjected to Life Fluid which revives him, and then to a Stellar Erg Implanter which restores his full super strength, Captain Paragon remembers fighting the villainous Black Shroud in 1952 and being frozen, but nothing more.  Using his might to punch his way from the Rurian spaceship, he flies through space (his body is indestructible) and back to earth, where he tries to find out who he was before being trapped by the Black Shroud.


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