Captain Marvel #7

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The Good

It’s an amazing testament to the versatility of the character that Rocket Raccoon is fast reaching Wolverine/Deadpool levels of crossover/guest appearances and still hasn’t worn out his welcome. Every writer has a different, surprisingly nuanced take on the little furball and every writer seems to find a way to slot him into their narrative, whether ongoing or temporary, with surprising ease. Kelly-Sue Deconnick’s already shown herself fully capable of using Rocket as a foil for Captain Marvel and there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t be making a return. When Danvers goes to pick up her old ship, with its old “crew,” she finds the not-raccoon there attending to everything as best he can, which turns out to be surprisingly well. Things quickly deteriorate, however, as Rocket’s declaration that Chewie is a “flerken” turns out to be more than just a futuristic space insult. Deconnick reminds readers that, while this book and her writing on it are definitely known for their whimsical, wonderful tone, she knows how to make things dramatic and serious with incredible economy. After a gut-punch of an opener, we return to much more amusing things as Tic (remember her? From Torfan?) makes her presence felt both to Danvers and Rocket while playing both peacekeeper and catsitter as the two bicker.

Marcio Takara steps in on art and makes a phenomenal first impression. His linework gives the book a breezy, fluid feel that makes it beautiful to watch, but he also knows how to make the hits look hard and the blasts look spectacular. From the book’s bizarre opening to its even MORE bizarre close, the visuals are sharp and bright, the latter owing a great deal to series regular Lee Loughridge on colors. The setting of this book is darker than previously in the series, the lights don’t work for a great deal of it, but Loughridge never loses sight of keeping things upbeat and colorful. Even when we’re looking through the lens of shadow.

The Bad

The art is occasionally overly sketchy, particularly in the inking, giving the characters a somewhat ill-defined or nebulous look in a few. Apart from that (and even THAT’S a small matter) I’m having a hard time coming up with anything I actively disliked about this issue.

The Verdict

Captain Marvel is on her way home, but I’m glad she gets to have an adventure or two before arriving there. After the last arc’s more somber, sober tone and subject matter, it feels good to get back to a more madcap tale full of hijinks than something that involves the greater antagonists of the Marvel Universe. We get some great insight into Captain Danvers’ inner-workings, specifically her anxieties, and that makes for some great, if fleeting, drama and the new artist is doing a fantastic job establishing himself on the title. This issue defines a great jumping-on point but there’s also plenty for longtime fans to sink their teeth into.

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It's a crying shame we haven't been getting nearly as good interactions as this between Guardians members in their own damn team book in a while.

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this issue was very boring

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This is my favorite book Marvel has been putting out. My only gripe is I'd love to see more of Carol in action, but DeConnick does a great job with Carol's character. Now we just need some big, epic, slam bang action scenes.

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ok lemme get this straight. a filler captain marvel issue gets a 5 star rating here, and a filler fantastic 4 issue gets a 2??!!!! dont get me wrong, i thought this issue was just as awesome as ff 10, i loved both issues this week. but something isnt right here. you guys need to get it together.

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This book ended up being a surprise love of mine with the current run, though hearing about a return from the "cosmic" makes this less interesting...

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HUGE upgrade to the art in this issue, so happy with it.

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