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This is Captain Marvel Vol. 3 (Vol. 1 being the original 1970's book and Vol. 2 being the 90's 6-issue series with Mar-Vell's son still going by the name of 'Legacy'). It ran for 35 issues (plus a Wizard magazine exclusive zero-issue) before being relaunched at #1 again as part of Marvel's 'U-Decide' contest between Captain Marvel, Mar-Ville and Ultimate Adventures. This relaunch Captain Marvel vol.4 ran for 25 issues but kept up a watermarked numbering that followed up on volume 3; so really volumes 3 and 4 are one and the same and the grand total number of issues is 60 (61 with issue #0). This volume / these volumes star Genis-Vell, the genetic clone offspring of the original Captain Mar-Vell. The series spins out from the 12-issue Avengers Forever maxiseries with Genis freshly bonded to Rick Jones just like his father had been before him.

The whole series has a humorous slant but is still in the traditional cosmic super heroics vein. The full run of the series was written by comics veteran Peter David and the majority of the series was penciled by Chriss Cross.

Collected Editions

Non-U.S. Collected Editions

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