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    A Marvel series featuring Mar-Vell, a former Kree soldier turned The Protector of the Universe. Captain Marvel Vol. 1 is Mar-Vell's only long running solo series. The series was launched following the success of Captain Marvel's debut in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 and picks up the story arc from Marvel Super-Heroes #13. The series started in 1968 and lasted until 1979. However due to low sales figures, it was put on hiatus after issue #19 (December 1969). The volume resumed in 1970 for 2 further issues (June and August) but another break ensued until September 1972 when the series returned with a bi-monthly release.

    The creation of the Captain Marvel character led to Marvel attaining the rights to the "Captain Marvel" name and forcing DC to rename their Captain Marvel series to "Shazam!". To retain their trademark, Marvel has published a Captain Marvel title every few years since, leading to a number of ongoing and mini series' as well as one-shots featuring a number of different characters using the Captain Marvel identity.

    Created by writer/editor Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan, Captain Marvel Vol. 1 also saw the introduction of Carol Danvers a.k.a. Miss Marvel, who would eventually go on to take the title of Captain Marvel.

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