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    Volume 4 (And continued Volume 3).

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    This is Captain Marvel volume 4; though it is actually a relaunch/continuation of Captain Marvel vol. 3 (the continued numbering of volume 3 is even visible next to the volume 4 numbering). The series was relaunched to participate in Marvel's 'U Decide' event which was a contest between this series, Bill Jemas' comic-series 'Mar-Ville' and Bill Roseman's 'Ultimate Adventures featuring Owl Man'. The winner would be granted his own series. Captain Marvel came out as winner of the contest and continued to be published after it's initial 6 issues.

    This volume continues the adventures of Genis-Vell bonded to Rick Jones; all chronicled by Peter David; all of which is carrying over from volume 3, along with artist Chriscross who remains the illustrator for the first portion of the series.

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