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Keep On Flying, Captain!

The Overview: I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't a huge fan of the last arc. That two issue arc was all filler, but not even good filler. After the powerful impact the first arc had on me, the lackluster chump mission of the last issue and the issue before that left me wondering whether or not Kelly Sue's Captain Marvel run had already reached its peak. With this issue, I'm pleased to say that Captain Marvel is back on track!

In this issue we get a small glimpse into a day in the life of Ms. Carol Danvers. Who doesn't love a little behind-the-scenes of an Avenger action? Am I right?

The Good: Writer Kelly Sue Deconnick, seems to be drawing inspiration from her husband, Matt Fraction's work over on his Hawkeye run. Now trust me when I say, that is a very good thing. In this issue we see Carol trying to balance her heroics with her busy schedule (much like Hawkeye #6, no?). It's fun seeing heroes in comic books be a little more human aside from all the heroics. This lets readers feel empathy for the characters they love reading about. In this issue we get a nice sense of realness from Carol Danvers as a person interacting her crazy roster of friends. The cast that Kelly Sue is building up around Cap. Marvel is fun and this issue just showcases how zany yet awesome the title character's life really is!

The art in this comic truly shines as well. If you have been following this series and were a fan of Emma Rios' work during the 4th and 5th issues (if I'm not mistaken) this art is in a similar vein. It's an eclectic style that is so smooth and just flows nicely from panel to panel. I would go as far as to say this is the best the art has been on this book. I'm now hooked on Andrade's art! Hopefully he continues with this arc because Cap. Marvel has never looked this good.

The Bad: Really, the only bad things about this book are very minute details. I hate being nit picky but that being said, there are enough minor problems with detail throughout the book that make it noticeable. I'm talking in the sense of logistics and semantics. For example, in one panel we see Carol's To Do List being printed out and it's quite long but when we actually see what's on the list it's not that extensive. Another detail is with the red sash that Cap. Marvel wears around her waist. Cap was able to wrap the sash around a T-Rex's head! Not very logical seeing as how it's just long enough for her very trim and slender figure. These are just a few examples, I won't bore you with more. Nit picky I know but hey, a reviewer's got to do what a reviewer's got to do.

The Verdict: A big complaint in the comics industry is that books are sexist or there aren't any strong female protagonists. Well, if you're one of the people who think that, then pick up this book and read it. It will shatter that notion. I would hate to see this book go because there aren't enough strong female protagonist books. Regardless if Captain Marvel was a female or not, this is just a great superhero book in general. If you're hesitant to pick up this series start here. This, in my opinion, is the strongest book in the run so far. It's a brand new arc and it has a twist at the end that may even keep you compelled to continue with the series. Great jumping on point and somewhat new reader friendly. I definitely recommend. Fly High, Captain Marvel!

4.5/5 stars. Watch out because Captain Marvel may soon soar to the top of your favorite superhero list!

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