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Part of the 1979 Eagle Award for "Best Coniuing Story" Run on CM

CM #59-62 introduce us to Elysius, the romantic interest, Villains: Chaos, Lord Gaea, and Stellerax among others while having Mar-Vell and Drax almost become a reluctant team which is absolutely astounding, almost makes you wonder why they stopped this book...For whatever reason, you won't find Captain Marvel #50-62 and Marvel Spotlight #1-4, and #8 in any Captain Marvel collections when it is arguably the best work with the character. Much like the Thomas/Kane brilliance, and even the recent Reed/Weeks/McGuiness work, for whatever reason, these works are not "pushed" like the Starlin work.  
Moench and Broderick won an award during this period, as of ish #50 Mar-Vell leading the Avengers, manages to defeat the Super-Adaptoid single handedly...which leads to seperating himself and Rick Jones from their Negative Zone problem pf having to switch places, thus ending the great Roy Thomas' tribute to the Fawcett Captain Marvel (although it was unique, even influencing Firestorm later on...) and exploring Captain Marvel as his own seperate entity. 
These comics are golden and some of the most underrated of the period. 
In this particular issue, it is of note that Mar-Vell convinces Elysius, an agent of Thanos at the time (or his mad schemes that were still in effect happening), to rebel and fall in love with him. 
Always felt it a bit suspicious that she converted so quickly, then may have a part in Mar-Vell's alleged death?  
Read it, tell me what you probably want to get #59 as well. 


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