Captain Marvel #6

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The Good

I really like Emma Rios' art in this series; but there is definitely something about seeing that Terry and Rachel Dodson cover to CAPTAIN MARVEL #9 that just made my jaw drop. It's really stunning. The issue opens not with Captain Marvel, but with Jessica Drew who is keeping a watchful eye on Tracy Burke while the heroine is stranded in "a long lost subterranean Kree outpost before Carol Danvers receives her powers." This is, hands down, the best issue of CAPTAIN MARVEL thus far. Since the very start of this series we've seen mention of Carol Danvers' biggest hero and mentor, Helen Cobb and Carol's dream of beating Cobbs' record. I think that Cobb not only serves as Carol's mentor in this series, but she also represents Carol's former life before she even becomes a superhero. The idea that Cobb could serve to represent this theme becomes clear in her appearance in this issue, competing with Carol for the chance to become Captain Marvel. The panel where Cobb says,

I don't know! I'm not the one who can remember the future -- you are! I'm just sayin', if I did, then I did it to teach you a lesson. I did you a favor.

Carol's dialogue throughout this series has been that of a woman who hasn't fully embraced her powers and has been sort of stuck in the past, reminiscing about the days before she got her powers; when she was a pilot for the U.S. Air Force. Carol seems to be gaining a sense of self, and that's really clear here. She is learning to appreciate what she has and who she is now. The story is absolutely brilliant and is probably one of the best issues of CAPTAIN MARVEL thus far.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. A fantastic issue of CAPTAIN MARVEL.

The Verdict

The brief introduction at the start of the comic will make this issue easy for any new reader to understand and follow along. The comic opens with Jessica Drew, but quickly fast forwards to Carol Danvers who has traveled back in time before she became Captain Marvel. This is definitely an issue that focuses on Carol's appreciation for her powers and the life she lives now. The person that she has become. It's something that has been an underlying theme in this series so far, but it is something that definitely comes to the surface of the story. It's a great issue with fantastic dialogue and a great introduction to Carol's character if you have not yet read the series. Beautiful art and an awesome story makes this a perfect issue.

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