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Captain Marvel continues to Soar.

First point of call: please excuse the bad pun. Now, onto the review.

I will tell you right now that this is an excellent issue of the overall exceptional run of "Captain Marvel". If you aren't reading it/ have no interest in the character (or Carol's incarnation of Ms Marvel) I would recommend you rectify that immediately, pick up this issue and get caught up with recent events. DeConnick is extremely talented at dialogue and interaction; Rios' art simply shines off the page in a style that is very reminiscent of prominent post-war artists. I will admit that the art may not be to everyone's taste, and several readers may be mourning Soy's absence. However, as you can no doubt tell, I enjoyed it. The opening splash pages of Helen Cobb and Carol flying jets is just so good.

DeConnick continues her superb track record with her trademark balance of witty one-liners and sharp dialogue without it getting too bogged down in plot. The story flows, with one scene shifting to another effortlessly. I read this issue with a smile on my face the entire time in spite of the potentially awful consequences that could occur if the last page holds any weight. If anything I'm intrigued by this story, despite it's inclusion of that most over-used of plot devices -time travel. It works here and it's holding my interest; DeConnick is quite literally bringing Carol back to her roots. Not many writer's have tried it with Carol, in part due to her convoluted back-story. (Kree Wishing machine, getting pregnant with fast-aging child, losing powers, hanging around with the X-men, regaining powers through Brood experimentation e.t.c.) DeConnick keeps it relatively simple, and it's better off because of it.

In short, go and buy this issue. Even if you have only read this review because you accidentally clicked on a link, and have no previous inclinations to read a title that focuses on Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel. This issue (heck, this run) is awesome.

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