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Captain Marvel is off on a cosmic space adventure to return a young alien girl, who crashed on earth, back to her people. Kelly Sue Deconnick has been writing Captain Marvel for the past few years. However, with new "Marvel Now" movement, we get a new series and a fresh #1 issue, but with the same kickass writer! I know what most people are thinking: "Then what is new about it?" Well for one, don't interrupt me with your loud thinking, and second, it gives new readers a fresh jumping on point and a new story. Captain Marvel is only on issue #4 and any new reader can pick up the last 3 issues and be right there in the thick of the story. With this new story, I really feel that Deconnick is having a blast writing Carol Danvers and her new supporting cast of alien characters. This space adventure is so fun and the world created so rich, that I feel like it could take place in the Star Wars universe. The space adventure is great but the best part of this book is the "human" feeling of these characters. Ever since Deconnick re-invented Captain Marvel from Miss Marvel, she has been the voice of this character and, I have looked at female heroes differently since. The writing has been top notch and the character does not fall into any female hero clichés. I love that the supporting cast is also 50% female, which would make sense because 50% of all people are female. However, for some reason, that goes way beyond this simple comic review. You never see this ratio in any other form of storytelling. I highly recommend this book to all male and female readers because it will make you think differently about female characters in movies and books by just giving you a great example of how it's done. I am hoping that the Marvel cinematic universe takes note because I feel a strong female lead is way overdue, and with Captain Marvel out in space hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy, a cosmic cross over would be....stellar! (you see what I did there?)

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