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After the events of Daredevil #107, Captain Marvel and Moondragon go to the Avengers Mansion to talk about Thanos but when they arrive, they find Vision, Black Panther, Swordsman and Mantis fighting against Drax, the Destroyer. Captain Marvel gets everyone to stop fighting, and Drax tells them that Thanos has acquired the Cosmic Cube. Captain Marvel then calls the other Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Scarlet Witch and Iron Man and explains Thanos's history as well as his Quest for the Cosmic Cube, and his mission to destroy the Earth to impress Death herself.

Thanos eave-drops on this conversation and when he has heard enough he summons Captain Marvel, Moondragon, Iron Man and Drax - the only four that could really threaten him - to Titan, where he places them with his father Mentor and brother Eros whom he had previously captured. Thinking he has taken all of the major threats off the playing field, Thanos reveals his master-plan, and sends hundreds of spaceships towards Earth to destroy it.

At the end, Thanos transforms himself into a god with the help of the Cosmic Cube.

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