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Mar-Vell carries out his plan but finds himself part of a plot by Zo (who is really Zarek) and Ronan!

Behind the Mask of Zo!

Last issue Mar-Vell allowed himself to be taken prisoner by the followers of the Pagan Kree God Tam-Bor. After arriving at their base, Mar-Vell escapes and attempts to destroy the statue of Tam-Bor containing a magnetic device which threatens the universe. Suddenly Ronan appears and attempts to kill Mar-Vell, however Mar-Vell succeeds in his mission. Ronan continues his attack when the Supreme Sentry arrives and banishes him under the command of The Supreme Intelligence. The Supreme Sentry then transports Mar-Vell to the Kree capital planet Hala where the Supreme Intelligence tells Mar-Vell that he was being manipulated all along. Mar-Vell discovers that Zo was really a creation of Minister Zarek and Ronan the Accuser, who where using Mar-Vell to overthrow the Kree Empire and take control themselves.

Realising he has been foiled, Zarek attempts to assassinate the Supreme Intelligence with a Negatron Sphere but Mar-Vell shields the blast with his body. In return for his loyalty The Supreme Intelligence clears Mar-Vell of being a traitor and endows him with a new costume, new powers and allows him to return to Earth to get revenge against Yon-Rogg. However on his way to Earth, Mar-Vell suddenly finds himself pulled into the Negative Zone.

Note: First appearance of Captain Marvel's classic red and blue costume.



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Let me begin with saying that when I started reading the Captain Marvel series, I already knew that the green and white uniformed Kree soldier would eventually turn into the red uniformed Protector of the Universe. Knowing this made the anticipation of when he will transform quite exciting. This issue is when it happens. Captain Marvel #16 is the first appearance of Mar-Vell as he would ultimately go on to be known (although personally I preferred the original costume).Without delving too deeply...

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