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A poor 100th issue

For a 100th issue, you'd think something big would happen here. Something very epic and space opera-y. Or something that at the very least focuses on the titular character. Especially given the escape of one of her rogues.

But no. Instead, we're treated to a filler issue. We get Spider-Woman, who has faced down hordes of threats, going into near-debilitating terror at the sight of rats and Iron Patriot (can he please be War Machine again, isn't this phase over yet?) being stuck with a bomb and flying into the atmosphere where a hallucination of Carol removes it from his back. All with poor attempts at humor stitched throughout.

I've tried to like this title, I really have. I've given it ten issues, which is more than I would normally give any book. I really think Marvel (and the industry as a whole) needs both more titles by female creators and more titles featuring female characters. And I really love Carol Danvers, so nothing would make me happier than to support this title.

But it's just so awful. Issue #9's rhyming scheme was tired by the end of the first page and has there ever been a character more annoying than Tic? I was hoping last issue's conclusion would mean she's leaving the book, but yet here she is again, with a contrived reason undoing those events.

I don't mind a little bit of humor in space opera. I thought it worked wonderfully in Guardians of the Galaxy (both the film and the Abnett/Lanning series), not to mention Firefly/Serenity. But for the humor to work, it has to actually be funny and this just isn't. It also can't be the focus of the title. This book doesn't read like space opera. It reads like a bad sitcom and I'm done.


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