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The New Captain Marvel


Ms. Marvel is one of the most iconic female characters in the Marvel universe so for her to take a big step that would evolutionize her character is what make thing appealing and what makes her loyal fan's come back to follow her adventures every issue. I, however, am not on of those loyal fans and just read this because I was curious about her current status. Nothing against the character or anything but she doesn't have anything that's appealing to me as with Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke, or Spider-Woman. Her hair is a lousy design and her new costume is fine but I'd wish they made a little more tweaking with it, I still like her old costume though. What's impressive is how she can put on and off her mask as it sorta transforms and can have it on whenever she can go in a certain level of speed or go into space. I'm glad she took the mantle of Captain Marvel since she has proven herself time and time again that throughout her superhero career she has taken on challenges that are bigger than her, saved the world several times and even lead the avengers, so her being the new captain marvel feels right.

I like the art by Dexter Soy but there were times when the face design were a little off to me at some characters and I've noticed that Carol's eye pupils were missing but at the same page they came back again. I wasn't a fan of the writing since they talked too much while they were fighting Absorbing Man and I felt that this wasn't a strong issue to start this series as it was more like a second issue; it should've start with her taking out several powerful villains on her own or help out some heroes out with a situation at the last moment, but this was okay. Fans of Ms. Marvel will certainly get her follow her series as she's one of the strongest female and iconic characters that is on the popular list of 'comics to pick up list'.

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