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I must be more intimidating than you!

Art & Fizz

The art is very good. Carol Danvers looks very sexy and cool. And I love the suit. She is simply looking fantastic and isn't like one of those overly sexed up super heroine for fan service...

The couple of introductory videos that comes up in AR on iPad/iPhone by Kelly Sue DeConnick are cool. The video on the development of art of Captain Marvel at the last page is simply Marvel-lous! I simply loved it - probably since I was seeing AR for the first time on my iPad... but still a cool thing to have in a regular comic.. that adds a little bit of fizz to the read you know...:):)

The Good

I had no idea about Ms. Marvel or Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel/ Mar-Vell.... I jumped in with this issue and felt really nice about the issue in an overall sense.

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The 'mightiest' avenger Ms. Marvel now takes the name "Captain Marvel" with pride and how! The attitude she carries off is simply admirable. What adds to Carol's beauty is not just her superb new costume but also her witty and confident dialogues that comes out every now and then. Wonder who her sick friend is... there is a hint though that they worked together for a magazine before. Who worked for who remains a mystery:)

There is a little bit of origin explained which will help any new reader to catch up. And it seems to continue in the next issue as the title of #2 suggests on the last page.

The Bad

The "Absorbing Man" episode probably was not necessary or could have been slightly better. They not just introduced this absorbing man but also in a fight Carol passes a comment comparing him to a toilet tissue paper... I mean that was awkward and not funny.. I would have liked the story if it were made such that she leads the avengers & also fights a more formidable or probably well known villain. That would have made the initial few pages more interesting.

Hope more things are clarified in the #2 and forward.

Bottomline: this is one of those strong female led comic stories I would definitely follow for sure. Hope to see good story build up in upcoming issues.

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