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Cap's back!

Great Issue, the thing I love the most is the art work, it's beautiful and refreshing giving the whole issue a great mature feel. It's a little different but really suits the issue. I think it's a good move to give Carol Danvers the title and rejuvenate the series.The way she bounces off Captain America is brilliant and the appearance of Spidey is also good. Really looking forward to this arc, it's been too long since I have been really excited about a Marvel title.

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    Ms. Marvel's evolution into Captain Marvel is one of the most deserved and exciting moves in years. Kelly Sue DeConnick did a great job with this inaugural issue, and the art by Dexter Soy was very distinctive and almost cinematic. Love Captain Marvel with her helmet on.Please check my mini-review here:http://bit.ly/NKsZ2NComments and feedback are always welcome!...

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