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Great first issue.

I was really excited for this title and was hoping it was good I also wanted to read this since this is the only comic marvel are publisher about a female character at the moment.

The Good

This is a great first issue it sets the story up nicely for the next issue and also makes you feel for the character rather than having Carol being a macho character who goes around punching people. This issue has a great fight scene at the beginning with Carol and Captain America where they actually displey the use of Carols waistband by covering Absorbing Man's face with it and the whole fight scene is very good. Then we get to scene with Captain America and Carol Danvers where Captain America tries to persuade Carol to take the name Captain Marvel. Then Spider-man comes and then we get this great bit where Spider-man questions what Carol has done with her hair. Then we get to the more emotional section which centres on one of Carol's heroes a plane pilot and the whole of that section is nice and sets the plot up nicely for the next few issues. The art for this issue is very good it's dynamic and the facial expressions on characters looks are really good.

The Bad

At one point Cap's face does look a bit depressed but that only happens once.

5 stars.

I seriously love this page!


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That page is awesome- definitely a favourite.

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