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Three seconds in a museum

This first issue of the series is kind of a mixed-bag as far as I am concerned.  I am after all only a sometime Marvel reader (the company not the character) so I come to this character with not as much background on her and hoping to more or less start fresh here.  As a first issue then for the unfamiliar this kind of fails as it does not really feel like a beginning, more like a continuation.  The establishment of Carol as Captain Marvel was also a bizarre sub-plot.  Of course it is important to establish for the fans that knew her as Miss Marvel, but with her featured on the cover with the label of Captain Marvel, they maybe could have cut to the chase a bit faster.  What is established here though is an overall atmosphere of fun, from the beginning fight, to the brief journey to outer space and the end with the search for the Amelia Earhart figure.  The mish mash ended up being successful enough, with DC dropping some titles from its lineup that I have been reading, I think I will give this one a try for a while to see if it can live up to what it started.  

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