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Keep Punching Holes In The Sky!


I see that many people have mixed emotions about this book. You may think that I have this book rated exceptionally high based on other reviews you may have read, or comments you have heard. I stand by my “higher than normal” rating for this book for various reasons. If you are interested, here is a bullet list of these reasons:

  1. I LOVE the art. It is very different. It took a few moments to adjust, but once I did, I REALLY LOVED it. It looks gritty yet smooth. Watercolors? I don’t know, either way, it is the main reason I rated this book higher than a 4.0. Bravo @dextersoy. Bravo.
  2. I love the fact that Marvel is trying to (re)introduce a female book. It may not be the perfect story, but it certainly something to build on - what we have to realize is, building a *new* foundation based on an existing set of characters is difficult. Okay, an existing “mantle” and an existing character. Both very popular in their own right. Either way, we have to learn new things, new struggles, new reasons to care about this new character.
  3. This is a “coming of age” story for Carol. Sure it is later in life, and sure it is attempting to rise above her previous incarnation, but she has to evolve into the Captain Marvel mantle - we are getting a glimpse of what she is going through. We are getting the background necessary to prove that she is worthy of the mantle - furthermore, SHE is realizing that she is worthy.
  4. This book is decently “new reader” friendly. It has well known characters, and has started somewhere easy - NYC. If they started this series out deep in Kree space, I am sure they would have lost a lot of readers (possibly more than they may have already lost). I believe that this first arc or set of issues will prove to provide a great foundation for this “new” character.
  5. I like Carol’s new look and newly forming attitude. I know a lot of people are talking about the costume and the hair, but I take it for what it is… at least it provides some new cos-play ideas. ;)
  6. It has a good mix of action and introspection. It seems balanced and well paced at the moment. I hope this continues as the story unfolds. Keep it up @kellysue! :)

Now, all that said, there are some reasons you will read as to why people may not like this book…

As much as I LOVE the art, others find it sloppy and too drastically different than main-stream comic art. I guess the fact that it is so different, is one of the main reasons I like it. I also think it is beautiful, but that may just be me…

Hardcore Marvel Cosmic fans may not like that this is set in Earth, or in Earth’s atmosphere. As I stated above, I think it is necessary to start “simple” - cosmic stories are notoriously difficult to pull off, I am hoping by “grounding” her, the issues can build into more cosmic based stories. That said, the title of this book is, “Earth’s Mightiest Hero” - and she is an Avenger… which usually means “Earth based”. I guess this means the Avengers are going to need more Cosmic Level Threats… which is always a good thing!

In any case, I am very excited to see a strong female character in her own series! I look forward to following this book, and I will keep hope alive that it will improve and continue to meet or exceed my expectations.


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