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Ugh -- Ugh...UGH... 9

*NO SPOILERS HERE*I am a HUGE cosmic Marvel fan and Captain Marvel is usually amazing. Don't get me wrong, I'm also a Ms. Marvel fan. The only Marvel I read is anything with my favorite cosmic characters in it. Despite seeing the cover and not really liking the costume, I decided to give it a shot.When I opened the book, my initial reaction was surprised. The art was so different then anything I was expecting -- not in a bad way; the tone the art gave off was actually interesting, but the art wa...

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Keep Punching Holes In The Sky! 4

Recommended!I see that many people have mixed emotions about this book. You may think that I have this book rated exceptionally high based on other reviews you may have read, or comments you have heard. I stand by my “higher than normal” rating for this book for various reasons. If you are interested, here is a bullet list of these reasons:I LOVE the art. It is very different. It took a few moments to adjust, but once I did, I REALLY LOVED it. It looks gritty yet smooth. Watercolors? I don’t kno...

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Great Start For This Series 3

Here is my video review for Captain Marvel issue 1. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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A New Cap in Town! 0

Ms. Marvel's evolution into Captain Marvel is one of the most deserved and exciting moves in years. Kelly Sue DeConnick did a great job with this inaugural issue, and the art by Dexter Soy was very distinctive and almost cinematic. Love Captain Marvel with her helmet on.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Finally Carol's got the demotion....does she deserve it? 0

I had huge expectations for this title, and equally huge concerns. Could the writing/plot/art ever hope to match my sky-high hopes of this title being, in a word, awesome? Could this demotion (as it points out in the issue - Carol is, technically, a Colonel) and subsequent undertaking of the legacy of the name "Captain Marvel" be the next logical step for the character?The answer is yes for both. As you can tell from my rating; I thought this first issue was simply fantastic.For a first issue, t...

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Three seconds in a museum 3

This first issue of the series is kind of a mixed-bag as far as I am concerned.  I am after all only a sometime Marvel reader (the company not the character) so I come to this character with not as much background on her and hoping to more or less start fresh here.  As a first issue then for the unfamiliar this kind of fails as it does not really feel like a beginning, more like a continuation.  The establishment of Carol as Captain Marvel was also a bizarre sub-plot.  Of course it is important ...

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Great first issue. 1

I was really excited for this title and was hoping it was good I also wanted to read this since this is the only comic marvel are publisher about a female character at the moment.The GoodThis is a great first issue it sets the story up nicely for the next issue and also makes you feel for the character rather than having Carol being a macho character who goes around punching people. This issue has a great fight scene at the beginning with Carol and Captain America where they actually displey the...

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Cap's back! 0

Great Issue, the thing I love the most is the art work, it's beautiful and refreshing giving the whole issue a great mature feel. It's a little different but really suits the issue. I think it's a good move to give Carol Danvers the title and rejuvenate the series.The way she bounces off Captain America is brilliant and the appearance of Spidey is also good. Really looking forward to this arc, it's been too long since I have been really excited about a Marvel title....

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I must be more intimidating than you! 0

Art & FizzThe art is very good. Carol Danvers looks very sexy and cool. And I love the suit. She is simply looking fantastic and isn't like one of those overly sexed up super heroine for fan service...The couple of introductory videos that comes up in AR on iPad/iPhone by Kelly Sue DeConnick are cool. The video on the development of art of Captain Marvel at the last page is simply Marvel-lous! I simply loved it - probably since I was seeing AR for the first time on my iPad... but still a coo...

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The New Captain Marvel 0

Review:Ms. Marvel is one of the most iconic female characters in the Marvel universe so for her to take a big step that would evolutionize her character is what make thing appealing and what makes her loyal fan's come back to follow her adventures every issue. I, however, am not on of those loyal fans and just read this because I was curious about her current status. Nothing against the character or anything but she doesn't have anything that's appealing to me as with Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke,...

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