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PREMIERE ISSUE! The Sentry continues to wreak havoc at Cape Canaveral and it's up to Captain Marvel to put an end to it.

Out Of The Holocaust… A Hero!

Continues from Marvel Super-Heroes #13

A Kree Sentry heads for the nuclear warheads at The Cape missile base. Captain Mar-Vell announces his Kree military rank but Sentry #459 doesn’t stand down as it is programmed to destroy anything that blocks its mission. Mar-Vell blasts the Sentry with his Uni-Beam and the giant retaliates. Mar-Vell escapes using his jet belt but doesn’t fly too far in case the android turns its attention to nearby troops. A soldier overhears the Man of Kree call himself Captain “Marvel” and thus it becomes his heroic name. Mar-Vell increases the intensity of his Uni-Beam and the blast makes the Sentry’s outer shell break apart. However the android gathers the broken fragments and begins self repairing to become even stronger. Meanwhile above the Earth, Colonel Yon-Rogg views the events from his star ship, sure his rival will be killed by the Sentry allowing him to win the heart of the woman they both desire, Medic Una.

Back at The Cape, Captain Marvel and Sentry #459 continue their explosive battle. The Sentry lands a blow on the antihero burying him into the ground. Seeing this, the nearby soldiers attack the Sentry who raises an invisible force field to keep them away. Elsewhere, in the hotel “C. Marvel” is staying, night clerk Jeremy Logan is ransacking Mar-Vell’s room to discover whether he is an enemy spy and comes across his metal carry-all case. Unable to open the case, Logan decides to take it to The Cape and inform them Walter Lawson – the scientist whose identity Mar-Vell has taken - is using a fake name. Back in the battle zone we see Carol Danvers is also trapped within The Sentry’s invisible barrier. Mar-Vell raises his Uni-Beam intensity to maximum and starts barraging the android from all angles. General Bridges calls off air support as Mar-Vell and Danvers are too close to the target. Mar-Vell leads his nemesis away from the troops and reduces his Uni-Beam’s ray to a pinpoint, concentrated beam, focusing on one part of the Sentry’s armor. The thin ray penetrates the armor and the robot's inner circuits start fusing together due to the magnetic charge of the ray. This causes the Sentry to implode from within, ending its destructive rampage.

Aboard the Kree ship Yon-Rogg can’t believe Captain Mar-Vell defeated one of his race's greatest weapons and decides to brand him a traitor for defending the Earthlings. Yon-Rogg contacts Ronan The Accuser who informs him of his displeasure that the Colonel jeopardized the mission for a personal vendetta, warning him not to do it again. Finally after leaving the scene of battle, Mar-Vell muses that although humans have branded him a hero, he may one day be the one who destroys them!

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