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Genis Vell, the son of the late Mar Vell, possesses his father's Nega Bands as well as his father's legacy as Captain Marvel, the greatest hero in the known universe. A daunting task to say the least which Genis soon discovers. After a few adventures with the Silver Surfer and Jack of Hearts, Genis returns to the Planet Calculex to continue his heroics and carry on the good name of Mar Vell. He goes by the super hero name Legacy but everybody he meets immediately identifies him as Captain Marvel. While on Calculex he is approached by General Bel Dann of the Kree. The Kree recently lost the Kree/Shi'Ar War and are now under Shi'Ar rule. Bel Dann requests Genis' help in defusing a rogue Nega Bomb aboard a Shi'Ar space freighter. Genis is skeptical at first given the Kree's past hatred toward his father. Bel Dann emplores Genis now that the Kree are under the boot heel of the Shi'Ar that all the Kree must be unified. Genis accepts his offer. After getting lost in space and over shooting his hyperspace jump Genis finally encounters the Shi'Ar freighter. He discovers the bomb is rigged to explode if anyone attempts to disarm it. He plans to use his Nega Bands to surround the bomb blast and transport the energy into the Negative Zone. He prepares himself just as the bomb explodes in his face! Over two thousand lives are lost in the explosion. Genis miraculously survives thanks to his cosmic power and limps back to Calculex to the Grog and Grub Bar and Grill where his friends Steck'ee, Zoog, and Glib (the bar's owner) nurse him back to health. Genis blames himself for the destruction. Glib reveals that he had intercepted a communication from the Kree General Bel Dann admitting to having sabotaged the bomb and setting up Genis for failure. The tape also reveals Bel Dann as the leader of the Kree Rebellion. To find the answers to why and learn more about what it means to be a hero, Genis decides to leave for the one place that can help; Earth.

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