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He's Back!

OH YEAH! The moment we have all been waiting for! The Return of Captain Marvel! Alright be maybe thats just me. In the final battle during the Civil War, Mar-Vell decided to make himself known. But after seeing the war he didn't like what he saw and left, only being seen by Spider-Man who thought it was a clone like Thor.

Its not till after WWH, that the news caught on to a image that appeared to be Mar-Vell during that battle. Most think its fake, but some think he has returned as a Savior and even created the Church of Hala for him. S.H.I.E.L.D. finally tracks him down in France who sends an agent to talk with him. He tells her that he will not go back with her to Iron Man. Realizing that he is missing a piece of his memory, he decides that he needs answers. Seeking the Avengers he easily defeated a robot that their combined efforts couldn't.

Overall I am pumped to see where they take the story and seeing what they do with Captain Marvel in the rest of the Marvel Universe.

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