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    Gideon Ray, abandoned by his parent as a small child for his extreme mutations, would later join Arachnos' forces and become one of Lord Recluse's most deadly and brutal assassins.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Abandoned and reviled
    Abandoned and reviled

    Originally born in Paragon City, Gideon Ray was born with a dominant mutant gene that gave him shark-like features. Disturbed by their new-born’s appearance his parents abandoned him to an orphanage.

    Like with many known mutants growing up, Gideon was teased and bullied for his mutation. The bullying never ceased throughout his childhood and as he grew older, Gideon was becoming more and more shark-like as his mutation became increasingly prominent. On the same day several murders were reported nearby, Gideon had also disappeared from the orphanage. It became a mystery to where and what had became of him, though rumors began to surface of a shark-like creature stalking the shores around Independence Port.


    Years had passed since the murders and Gideon appeared once more. Working to what could only be referred to as a modern day pirate, Gideon had renamed himself Mako. A member of the crew of a ship named the Black Powder, Mako soon rose through the ranks before claiming the position of Captain. Feared on the seas surrounding Paragon City and the Rogue Isle, Mako and his crew initially fought Lord Recluse’s armies to claim the Rogue Isles for themselves.

    Later he joined Lord Recluse’s Arachnos organization, where he has become one of the most dangerous of assassins and enforcers. Despite his ascension, it is not known clearly to when he begins calling himself Captain Mako. Some say it was as soon as he took over leadership of the Black Powder. Ghost Widow alleges it is his attempts to come across more civilized. One of the his most brutal assassinations was that of the original Scrapyard. Torn to shreds by Captain Mako, Scrapyard refuses to rest and continues to haunt the mines and surrounding areas in Sharkhead Isles.

    Settling on the Sharkhead Isles, Captain Mako has made it his main base of operations where he has continued to not only expand Arachnos’ forces but his own also. As leader of Arachnos’ Crab Spider soldiers, he has now taken on the mentor-ship of the Coralax infected Barracuda.

    Although he has shown a deep respect for his commander, Lord Recluse, it is not extended to ALL other Elites, namely Black Scorpion. Captain Mako considers Black Scorpion as weak and cowardly. Not worthy of his place by his commanders side.

    Powers and Abilities

    Claws & Teeth: Claws and teeth that are harder than steel. Like with all sharks Mako’s teeth are continually shed and replaced.

    Superhuman Reflexes and Agility: In water, there are very few who can match Mako’s agility and speed. On land he is just as capable of performing agile stunts above that to an Olympic athlete.

    Superhuman Strength: Possibly being low to moderately superhumanly strong.

    Mutant Regeneration Factor

    Due to Captain Mako’s mutation, he possesses all the abilities of a shark, therefore is able to breathe underwater and swim with all the grace and speed of a shark, able to 'taste' blood from miles away in the water.


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