Captain Kuro

    Character » Captain Kuro appears in 38 issues.

    Kuro is a former Captain of Black Cat pirate crew. He is now a butler for Kaya. Kuro has the power to move at super speeds.

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    Kuro is a devious and almost crazy former pirate. He was a captian for the black cat pirates. While he was a pirate he was very successful with his crew. But, Kuro did not like the pirate life. He was chased alot by the Marines. After he grew tired of his life he made a plan to leave behind his pirate life and make people think he had died. He had moved to village where he had made a plan to become rich. He has a rich family hire him as a butler named Clahadour. They had no idea about his past life and what he had done. When the rich family had died he was left to take care of a sick girl named Kaya. He had all the people from the village trust him. During this time he was secretly making contact with his old crew. He would have his crew create promblems for the village. While he had Kaya sign a will giving Kuro her fortune. Then he would kill her and have his crew to take the blame. This plan had been foiled thanks to Luffy. Kuro tends to fight with gloves that have claws on the end of them and could move at super speeds. Kuro has created a great hate for Luffy and Ussop. Luffy seems to think he's a weak man who ran away from his own pirate life. After all of his plans were destroyed he returned to the pirate life with his old crew. Kuro gained a deep hate for Luffy and will not hesitate to attack him. One extra thing that i learned is that Kuro has his glasses fall down alot and he always pushes them back up with the palm of his hand. It is said that it is a habit.


    Kuro has the ability to move at super speeds and not make a single noise. He also is a great fighter and uses gloves that have knifes on the end of them. Kuro is known for making up great plans and is very smart.


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