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    Either the best or worst pirate who has ever lived, depending whom you address.

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    Played masterfully in the Disney trilogy of Pirates of the Caribbean movies by Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow is the quintessential Pirate of the Caribbean- a low-down dirty cut-throat and whore monger with a heart of gold.

    His legend expands constantly due to his own lies and the confabulations of the feeble minded.

    Jack Sparrow was the captain of the famous ship The Black Pearl. Unfortunately, his crew (including Barbosa) mutinied and the captain was marooned on an island to await the chance to regain his captain ship. With the help of a few friends named Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan, the captain succeeds in his quest. In order to regain the captain ship, however, Sparrow has to fight his now cursed former crew.

    He freed his former crew from the curse and killed Barbosa. He then is told by Bootstrap "Bill" Turner that Davy Jones is after him and gives him the black spot and says if he didn't join his crew he would send the craken after him. So Jack went to an island where Davy Jones is keeping his heart. Norrington takes the heart without anyone knowing and gives it to Beckett. So he has control over the dutchman and is wiping pirates from existence. So the pirates gather at ship wreak cove and fight the Beckette and Jones. Sparrow helps Will to stab the heart and become the new captain of the dutchman.


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