Captain Hurricane

    Character » Captain Hurricane appears in 747 issues.

    A super strong Royal Marine who fought during World War 2.

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    Hercules Hurricane was a former ship's captain who subsequently joined the British Royal Marines Commandos, fighting against the German and Japanese armed forces in the 2nd World War. Alongside "Maggot" Malone, he battled the Axis powers with his "ragin' furies," super human strength that appeared whenever he became enraged.


    Hurricane turns up again in Jack Staff, where he is also called "Captain Gust." Herein, his rage-fueled powers are the result of tailored mutations from the Weapon H military project during the 1980s. He escapes confinement and lives as a vagrant for some time before his redirected "rage force" begins to infect the population of Castletown and causes an increasing number of violent "rage attacks". The rage is redirected back into Gust, turning him back into Hurricane; he is taken into Q custody and it is hinted he was recruited to the Green.


    In Albion, Captain Hurricane is among the British superhumans being detained in custody of the government in a Scottish castle. It is revealed that he is the product of multiple attempts to create a supersoldier, but that, as a byproduct, he developed psychotic tendencies. Living in the castle voluntarily with Maggot Malone as his attendant, Hurricane pits himself against his fellow "residents" when Penny Dolmann, Charles Peace, and Danny Doom break them out while trying to rescue Penny's father, Dolmann. In the resulting battle, Hurricane is stepped upon by Mytek the Mighty.


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