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Captain Hook is a Pirate Captain with a mindset of Captain Ahab. He is obsessed with making Peter Pan pay. He had got into a battle with Peter Pan who had cut off his hand and fed it to a saltwater crocodile. The crocodile has followed Hook ever since to get another taste of the Captain.


Captain Hook did not appear in the first Peter Pan novel called The Little White Bird in 1902 by J. M. Barrie. His first appearence was in the play Peter Pan in 1904. Hook is a Public Domain Character and has many different versions. Due to a complicated set of copyright laws the status of Hook is different depending on the publication and county that is is being produced. Mainly works are either public domain or they are owned by Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Character Evolution

Disney's version of Hook
Disney's version of Hook

The character evolution of Captain Hook changes a lot after the character enters public domain. In the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen he is one of many literary characters who are present in the same world together. He has been in many plays, books, movies and television.

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