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    Captain Glory was the leader of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt and Noh-Varr's father.

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    At some point in his past Captain Glory married Star Splendor, another member of his crew, and had a son together, whom they named Noh-Varr. Years later, Captain Glory and his Diplomatic Gestalt were heading back to their version of the Kree Empire after signing a peace treaty with the Skrull Empire of another reality when they encountered three Galactus-esque beings who were messing with the fabric of time and space.

    When the three Galacti's experiment went horribly wrong, Captain Glory and his crew (including his son, Noh-Varr, who was the crew's only Ensign) were thrown across the Multiverse and had to endure a turbulent ride across the time/space continuum, passing through several universes as they did. But during their journey one of the nacelles was torn off of the ship, causing their emotion-powered Kirby Engines to go critical.

    Captain Glory managed to stabilize the engines before a breech could occur. Unfortunately, the ship was shot down in the skies above Earth-616 by the evil Doctor Midas, killing everyone aboard the ship save for Noh-Varr. Years later, a non-corporeal parasite called "Mother" resurrected a mind-controlled Captain Glory and Star Splendor from the grave in an attempt to subdue Noh-Varr along with the other new Young Avengers, but were sent back to death's realm when Mother was defeated.

    Alternate Universes

    Unknown Universe #1

    In another universe, Captain Glory and his 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt were evil reflections of their counterparts who wore similar uniforms but with a different color scheme.

    Unknown Universe #2

    In yet another reality, Captain Glory and his crew were an Avengers-esque team of super-heroes.


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