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When scientist Andrew Bryant discovers that bathing himself in a combination of gamma and infrared rays grants him superpowers, he uses these powers to fight crime with the help of his detective girlfriend Grace Adams of the Agatha Detective Agency.

While "powered up", Bryant is super-strong, can fly, and can hurl bolts of energy from his hands.

Strong blows to the head however, can render him unconscious, and he must frequently use his radiation machine to recharge his powers.

Project Superpowers

In Project Superpowers by Dynamite Entertainment comics Captain Future's powers seem to have increased due to being trapped by Fighting Yank for about sixty years in Urn of Pandora. He has been shown to use people and perhaps has powers to control them, since he has been seen with many young and beautiful woman who are unmoving. Though it was initially unclear what their condition is, it is certain that Captain Future has a large sexual appetite and no longer appears to be on the side of good. Not surprising, given that he has been subsequently revealed to be the latest Earthly avatar of Zeus (King of the Olympian gods, in Greek mythology!). And, that he is determined to recover the Promethean Flame from its current avatar...the superhero called the Flame.

Character Evolution

Used to be published by Pines Publishing but is now in the public domain.


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