Captain Frye

    Character » Captain Frye appears in 117 issues.

    Captain of the Central City Police Station.

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    Darryl Frye is Captain of the Central City Police. He has seen the Crime Lab division decline over the years from the best the Mid West had to offer, to a department mired in wrongful convictions and budget cuts. Frye became the legal guardian to Barry Allen after his mother was killed and his father was put in prison. There is a possibility that Frye had a relationship with Barry's mother.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Dastardly Death of the Rogues

    For more information see: The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues

    Barry Allen returns to Central City and his job at the Central City Police Department. Captain Frye greets him at the entrance and after yelling at him for being late, gives Barry a brief run down of what he has missed. He complains about the crime rate quadrupling, his 5 ex-wives and about how the Weather Wizard has been raining out the ball games for the past two week. Captain Frye then goes on to explain to Barry that he wants Barry to dig into the cold cases, quietly and on his own time. He doesn't want Barry obsessing over cold cases like Barry's mother. After some more pep talk, Frye gives Barry orders not to ruffle feathers with the Crime Lab personnel. Then with the next breath he introduces Barry to the crime lab personnel, as his Golden Boy and ruffles everyone's feathers about how great Barry is.


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