Captain Fear

    Character » Captain Fear appears in 33 issues.

    Possessed of no special abilities save the quality of true leadership, Captain Fear soon became a skilled seaman and swordsman.

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    Taken captive in a Spanish raid that left his father and most of the other male members of his small Carib Indian tribe dead, young Fero soon found himself a slave in a Spanish mine. Remembering his father's dying words, that Fero never let the white man enslave his people, Fero led the slaves in a revolt against their oppressors.

    Fleeing the mines, Fero and his followers stole a Spanish galleon, only to lose his crew and the ship in a storm. Drifting alone on the high seas for days, Fero was at last picked up by an Oriental pirate ship. Abused and taunted, Fero challenged the captain for control of the ship and, after a fierce battle killed him.

    When asked his name by the crewmen, Fero told them to call him Captain Fear, for fear was what he intended to put into the hearts of every Spaniard he might meet.

    The first Captain Fear was kidnapped by Black Manta. Anthro, I .. Vampire, Genius Jones, Infectious Lass, the ghost of Jeb Stuart, and Count Julius from the Primate Patrol are in pursuit to rescue their fellow team member. They were trying to justify their existence to the Architects. They have seemed to have survived and not perished with the latest Crisis.

    There has been a new Captain Fear that has battled members of the Outsiders.


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