Captain Dynamo

    Character » Captain Dynamo appears in 27 issues.

    One of the world’s greatest champions alongside Supreme and Omni-Man, Captain Dynamo is the father of the famous teen heroes, the Dynamo 5.

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    Captain Dynamo
    Captain Dynamo

    Captain Dynamo gained his abilities from an unknown source of radiation, and at some point in time used them to become a superhero. He later married Madeline “Maddie” Warner, a government agent who moonlighted as a journalist.

    One of Captain Dynamo’s most notable victories came when he fought the powerful alien, Dominex. Battling alongside other legendary heroes such as Supreme and Omni-Man, he was able to defeat the intergalactic warrior after a 17-hour-long battle that destroyed an entire city. However, despite the great threat that Dominex posed, he chose to spare his opponent’s life.

    If Captain Dynamo ever had a weakness, it was his near-uncontrollable lust. While he boasted a public image as arguably the greatest superhero in the world, in private, he was a habitual womanizer who regularly cheated on his wife, fathering numerous illegitimate children.

    Captain Dynamo was ultimately killed by the assassin, Widowmaker, who seduced the hero before kissing him while her lips were coated in a lethal poison. His funeral was attended by many of earth’s greatest heroes, including Savage Dragon and Invincible.

    After being recruited by Dynamo's widow, his five illegitimate children took up his position as the new defenders of Tower City. They were named the “Dynamo 5“ after their father.

    Powers & Abilities

    Super Strength - One of Captain Dynamo‘s greatest powers was his superhuman strength. The upper limit of this strength remains unknown, but the heaviest object he has been observed lifting over his head is a bus. His daughter Scrap, who inherited his strength, was also shown to be capable of hurling military tanks with ease.

    Flight - Captain Dynamo could fly through the air at high speeds.

    Superhuman Durability - Captain Dynamo appeared to possess some level of invulnerability, as he was able to survive battling Dominex after receiving visible damage. Two of his offspring, Scrap and Smasher, also appeared to be highly resistant to damage. His durability appears to be an offshoot of his superhuman strength, possibly explaining why he has only ever been advertized as possessing “5 powers.”

    Super Sight - Captain Dynamo possessed several vision-related powers, including laser vision, x-ray vision and telescopic vision. With his laser vision, he could project powerful beams of red energy from his eyes. With his x-ray vision, he could see through virtually any solid object, and with his telescopic vision, he could see over great distances.

    Shapeshifting - Captain Dynamo had the ability to physically alter the shape and form of his body. With this ability, he could alter his facial features, his body type, and even the clothes he wore, allowing him to disguise himself as virtually anyone. It is also implied that he could transform into any species of animal, as his son Myriad has demonstrated as such.

    Telepathy - Captain Dynamo could mentally communicate with other people.


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