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    Character » Captain Cymru appears in 17 issues.

    The Captain Britain of Earth-1282, where Wales is the pre-eminent culture of Great Britain. Captain Cymru is a member of the Captain Britain Corps.

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    From an earth where Wales, rather than England, was the dominant culture of Great Britain, Morwen Powell was the Captain Britain Corps member from Earth-1282

    Captain Cymru was first introduced when Excalibur was called before the Omniversal Hub by Saturnyne because their Cross-Time Caper caused huge amounts of disruption to the space-time continuum. While there, they were instructed to surrender teammate Rachel Summers, codenamed Phoenix.

    When Excalibur sought to seek an audience with Saturnyne herself, in hopes of a better explanation or her interceding on their behalf, Captain Cymru was one of the Corps members engaged in actively preventing them from reaching Saturnyne. Mowen engaged Alistaire Stuart and who she thought was Kitty Pryde. She shot 'Kitty' with a Plastrix gun, designed to ensnare her and inhibit her phasing ability. However, 'Kitty' was actually Rachel Summers in disguise; therefore, Rachel was able to shatter the Plastrix case using her telekinesis and knock Captain Cymru out.

    As a member of the Captain Britain Corps, has Captain Cymru was present at hte wedding of Meggan and Brian Braddock.

    The next time Morwen appears, the entire Captain Britain Corps has assembled and are preparing to fight what Roma tells them is a battle to protect all reality. Jim Jaspers and Merlyn have somehow managed to form an alliance and are attempting to regain the control of protecting the Omniverse, a role the mad Merlyn believes his daughter, Roma, has stolen from him. The Corps attacks Jaspers and his army of Furies, and made advances despite losing corpsmen to the Furies. Despite the Corps' victory over the Jaspers/ Merlyn alliance, Merlyn succeeds in killing his daughter.


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