Captain Commando

    Character » Captain Commando appears in 36 issues.

    A minor hero of the Golden Age who fought the Axis behing the enemy lines.

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    Captain Commando was created by Alex Blum and S.M. Iger and debuted in Issue #30 of Pep Comics, August 1942.



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    John Grayson was a Naval Commander that in secret wore the identity of Captain Commando. As Captain Commando he and The Boy Soldiers, a team of young boys helping with the war efforts, fought Nazi's behind the lines inspiring soldiers and civilians at home.

    At difference of later incarnations, the original Captain Commando never joined the Mighty Crusaders.

    Powers and Weapons

    Captain Commando was a well trained soldier thus specialized in hand to hand combat and various weapons. He was also a tactician and had skills in Leadership.

    Impact Comics

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    Captain Commando appeared in the Impact Comics line, as a member of the original American Crusaders. The origin and background of the hero known as Captain Commando is shrouded in mystery. He first appeared near the end of the Second World War, and later worked with the American Crusaders until their dissolution in 1963.

    Archie Comics (2021)

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    This later version of the character was used by Rob Liefeld, in his brief revival. Inthe Liefeld penned book, the identity of Clifford Younger was given to this iteration of the character.


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