Captain Carrot

    Character » Captain Carrot appears in 3 issues.

    The one-man rebirth of the Ankh Morpork City Watch.

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    Height 6 foot 6 inches

    Chest Almost as wide as he is tall

    Species Human, adopted by dwarfs after the death of his parents


    Carrot joined a family of dwarfs working in the mines after the death of his parents at an early age. He gained the name Kzad-Bhat (translation: head banger) because of his unusual height for a dwarf miner. He was sent off to join the Ankh Morpork City Watch, under the assumption that they were respectable, as his adoptive father thought that he should be around more humans.

    City Watch

    Carrot made a name for himself very quickly in the watch, on his first day surviving a brawl against the entire Mended Drum, include Detritus the splatter (like a bouncer, only stronger). He also arrested the leader of the perfectly legal thieves' guild. One mistake people frequently make is to mistake his simplicity for stupidity. He is infact quite cunning, for example adding questions like "who was responsible for the recent murder of _" to quiz machines in taverns and frequently making arrests as a result.


    Carrot's good nature towards everyone is often seen as making him the perfect policeman (if not the perfect boyfriend). He treats everyone with respect, and remembers everybody's names (and tax records). He will always listen to both sides of an arguement before forming any king of opinion and he always believes that "personal is not the same as important". Carrot has always been completely honest and law abiding, and is fiercely loyal to Samuel Vimes.


    It is common knowledge within Ankh Morpork that Carrot is indeed the heir to the throne. He does not publicly acknowledge this fact however, saying that he wants people to obey the law "because it's the law, not just because Carrot told them to". It is often hinted that he could have a very bright future ahead of him, should Patrician Vetinari not survive the next assassination attempt.


    Carrot's 'lady-friend' is Angua von Uberwald. She is a werewolf with the power to change at will, which makes her a very helpful member of the watch. However at full moons she is stuck in the warewolf state. She often gets frustrated with Carrot, due to the fact that he is so nice to everyone she's never sure if he holds her in a higher regard. She is aware that he would never place her welfare (or his own) abover the public's, but she also knows that he would travel to the far ends of the Discworld to ensure her safety. She did temporarily consider leaving Carrot when she thought that her being a werewolf was just getting in the way, but Carrot (unaware of how she was feeling) made her realise that she couldn't.


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