Captain Canuck

    Character » Captain Canuck appears in 71 issues.

    Tom Evans, a Canadian secret agent who gained superhuman strength from contact with extraterrestrials.

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    When Canada becomes "the most important country in the the 1980's," new precautions have to be taken to protect its resources. The Canadian International Security Organization locates two men "of unequaled physical and mental prowess" to be trained as "special 'super' agents." One, Blue-fox, turns out to be a double agent, leaving only Tom Evans, as Captain Canuck, to keep the peace.

    Though powerful - he can open the hatch of a submarine tower after the vessel has been submerged - Captain Canuck can be bested by other strong creatures, such as a hungry polar bear.

    New Series

    Captain Canuck was brought back in 2015 with a new series discussing the origin of his powers as well as showing his heroism as Captain Canuck as he fights alongside his companions, Kebec, Blackbird and Redcoat.

    His powers are from a suit made of advanced alien nanotechnology which allow him enhanced strength, energy barriers for close range protection (as well as protecting him from harmful things like toxic gas) and has gadgets which allow for limited flight.

    He also wields a set of specialized stun batons.

    Super Strength

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    Captain Canuck's strength varies though it may tie directly into his mental state coupled with the suit as he has shown some difficulty fighting peak level humans but in the case of Captain Canuck #4 - Aleph Part 4; Armed and Dangerous Part 2 he showed the ability to not only grapple but overpower a fully grown Polar Bear.

    The polar bear is the largest land-based carnivore in the world and its average weight is around 1,000lbs, placing Captain Canuck at just below Level 1 of the Super Strength Level. This was also the first time Canuck ever used the suit so his understanding of the its powers was completely dependent upon his ability to adapt quickly to the situation.


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