Captain Britain in the Heroic Age (Spoilers)

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Be warned this has spoilers from both Avengers and Age of Heroes.
So in Avengers #1 Iron Man asks Steve Rogers if the ones assembled are the whole team, but Steve says there's one more who he's surprised hasn't shown up yet. Could it be Captain Britain? I know earlier in the same issue Steve asked Simon Williams / Wonder Man to come back to the Avengers but he refused so I don't think Steve would have been expecting him. 
The reason I'm wondering if its Captain Britain is because in Age of Heroes #1 there is a scene with Steve Rogers meeting with MI:13 and mentions that he's asked Dane Whitman / Black Knight to join the Avengers again something he's considering. At the same time Steve invites Brian to join the Avengers which Pete Wisdom is of course against since Captain Britain is England's first and greatest line of defense. At first he refuses because of Pete's arguments but then Meggan tells Pete not to manipulate her husband so Pete tells Steve that Brian will join, they'll just have to share him. Could it be Brian that Steve was waiting for to join the primary Avengers? Or maybe Dane? Maybe they'll take turns, switching off between the Avengers and MI:13 depending on the missions. Maybe Faiza will join Dane when he comes over as his apprentice/sidekick. Maybe Brian or Dane could be the answer to the how the Avengers are going to time travel.  
But then again Wolverine said he knew the perfect person to call to build a time machine with Stark.....though Wolverine would know Captain Britain through Betsy and the X-Men. Maybe Wolverine and Steve are both waiting for the same person to join them. Any thoughts?
Then again I remembered that Noh-Var was going to be in the Avengers as Protector or whatever he's called. He's probably the one Steve was waiting for.

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Will he change his name to Captain important bilateral partnership?  
This is only a thought but it seems to me Captain America was referring to his hope that Wonder Man would change his mind. I doubt Captain Britain would miss the first Avengers meeting or be late if he had said he would be there, it just wouldn't be Cricket. As a first guess I thought that Beast was the big brain Wolverine was referring to but since time travel has never really been mentioned as one of beasts particular fields and he is set to be on the secret avengers so I have to agree it will most likely be that Noh-Var, the lad from the alternate universe super science totting Kree, is the one to give them the tech help. How or why wolverine above the others would know of him or his details leaves a shadow of doubt. 
While Captain Britain may be a scientist and had many a pan-dimensional adventure in his career he has usually been a character that deals in magic and myth over science even more so with the Black Knight. It shall be interesting to see when or if they show up in the Avengers.  

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Your British ain't ya?
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im well im british well scotish same thing and i think it a good idea to have a brit in the avengers 

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