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SECRET INVASION TIE-IN! The Skrull Invasion isn’t restricted to the US. When the Skrull Invasion hits England, only Captain Britain and MI: 13 stand in their way. Can they find out what the Skrulls are after before it’s too late?


A task force to combat the weird and wild across Great Britain was put together with the mutant Pete Wisdom as its leader. The fought angry fairies, giants, dragons, and army of Rippers (as in "Jack The...") and even H.G. Wells War of the Worlds martians...basically, sh— got crazy (go check out Captain Britain and MI 13 scribe Paul Cornell's Marvel Max Wisdom for the whole rundown. You won't be sorry, 'cause it was supremely awesome!).

And while all that is really handy to know, all you really need to know to begin this series is that one member of Wisdom's team is a known Skrull who's served in MI 13 for years, and usually shape-shifts to look like John Lennon...

Things are going just as poorly for the heroes on the other side of the pond as the Skrull John Lennon finds himself chained in an MI 13 holding cell. The Joint Intelligence Committee Chair comes down to see why he hasn't been executed, gets yelled at angrily by John about how he killed the other three Skrull Beatles.

The soldiers guarding John have received conflicting orders about killing the Skrull and when the Joint Chair steps up to pop a cap in his Skrully Beatle ass, Pete Wisdom makes his entrance...

After offing the bad Skrull and saving the good one, Wisdom informs John that the British forces aren't doing so well as the scene cuts to Captain Britain fighting a Champions-themed Super Skrull.

Cap lays the hurt down on the Skrull before the armada moves off and he's summoned to a meeting to discuss an operative against the Skrulls.

Below Captain Britain's sky battle, a young doctor named Faiza Hussain is yammering on and on about how she loves British superheroes (who doesn't, right?!) when a Skrull-piloted robot appears behind her ready to do some zapping. Luckily, she's rescued in a timely manner by none other than...

Saving accomplished, the Black Knight chats with Faiza. She gets a bit starstruck, he gets a bit flippant (hey, it's how he keeps the Ebony Blade in check!) before heading off to slice more Skrulls. Meanwhile, Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom and the Skrull John Lennon are being addressed by the Prime Minister who explains that all British superheroes now work for MI 13 (kinda like Bond works for MI 6, but these blokes have way more super powers so they work for MI 13). The group is discussing the Skrulls' movements when Captain Britain points out they're heading for the Siege Perilous: the gateway to Otherworld! To Avalon (Yes! That Avalon from Arthurian Legend!)! Where Cap first got his powers! Skrull John points out these extremist Skrulls are all about the wanting and Wisdom points out that what Britain has more of than anything else is magic...which is exactly what the Skrulls are after. The Prime Minister tells the three that they'll head off the Skrulls accompanied by another British hero because if the Skrulls get Avalon's magic, they could rule the world. The other hero, well, we'll let this spread speak for itself with her introduction...

On the way to intercept the Skrulls, Wisdom and Captain Britain are chatting about chain of command for their group, when Brian reveals his goal for a new direction in life...

Pete reveals he's been hearing voices about a hero he thinks are about Cap, and Cap's so glad to hear that one of their lot may be receiving visions that he's even more ready to follow Wisdom's lead—as the P.M. put him in charge of the group.

Back on the war torn streets, Faiza's aiding some inured civilians when a Skrull laser pops out of the ground. Black Knight dispatches quickly, but not quickly enough to save faiza who's been fried.

Back at the Seige Perilous, the MI 13 heroes arrive to a Skrull welcoming commitee and decide it's time to put a little English on it...

Skrulls dispatched, the group realizes that the green meanies didn't want to capture the magic, they want to destroy! Spitfire and Cap speed Wisdom and John to safety, before Cap heads back to intercept the Skrull missile, but doesn't look like he quite pulls it off...



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I just keep asking myself: what would a super hero do? Then I roll my eyes and do the right thing anyway. 0

AF Reviews: X-MenOkay okay okay, I admit grouping this in with X-Men is pushing it a bit, but this is kinda on the coat-tails of Excalibur and Captain Britain is purps' twin brother, so I'm counting it as an X-Men book just so I don't have to make a new banner for "AF reviews Other Stuff". Now, I'll start with a fun fact, the creative team of Captain Britain and MI:13, Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk, were originally meant to take over New Excalibur but instead they relaunched it as this. Presuma...

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Cap Britain must be done justice! 0

To be hundred percent honest, I believe Captain Britain to be one of the least well-written characters with the most potential. Allow me to review all the series, which I have just finished reading. I liked it a lot but in some aspects it was a disappointment. I liked the characterization of Pete Wisdom, Spitfire, Blade, Black Knight, Meggan and Faiza, I REALLY loved the artwork, and I liked the numerous references to the MAX Wisdom series (I wish Tink and Oberon had a more recurring role though...

0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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