Captain Blaze

    Character » Captain Blaze appears in 2 issues.

    The extremely racist and violent hot-head of the Supremacists. He dislikes White Avenger, due to his overwhelming arrogance. He has some paranoid and pyromaniac instincts.

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    Captain Blaze is a member of the Supremacist which are a group of six superhuman enforcers that reside in the country of Azania that follow an apartheid policy. This group consist of Captain Blaze, Barricade, White Avenger, Voortrekker, Hungyr and Harrier where they are trained at a strictly classified secret Special Weapons Research Facility in Azania. The Supremacist have been training for months until they are called upon for a mission to invade Wakanda after the Black Panther was accused of murdering several citizens of Azania. The Supremacist crash into a building where the ruling tribal council was witnessing a fight between T'Challa and T'Swana the Powerful over the title of the Black Panther. T'Swana was taken down by Harrier and his tasers which allowed the Black Panther to sneak up on the rest of the Supremacists. The Black Panther eludes capture while the Supremacists terrorize the city of Wakanda. The Black Panther would strike back and starts to take down each member of the Supremacists one by one. The Black Panther would take down the White Avenger and Barricade when he tosses a tied up Hungyr into them and the Supremacist member is forced to drain the power of his teammates. 


    Captain Blaze was created by Denys Cowan and Peter Gillis in 1988. Their first appearance was issue # 2 of a four issue limited series of Black Panther.  

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