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 Captain Barracuda is a modern day pirate.
 Captain Barracuda is a modern day pirate.

Captain Barracuda was modern pirate who originally relied on his intelligence and conventional weaponry. Captain Barracuda and his men would hijack a boat full of passengers but had no idea that Bobby Drake aka Iceman and Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch were on board. The two young heroes opposed Captain Barracuda and his men when they attempted to rob the passengers of their wallets and purses. Barracuda gave the Human Torch and Iceman a decent fight by exploiting the weaknesses and limitations of their powers. Barracuda tries to escape on a smaller boat with Storm's girlfriend after his men were defeated. Barracuda would crash into a block of ice and is lifted out of the water by a tall, pillar of ice. The Torch saves his girlfriend while Barracuda is stranded until the police arrive.


Captain Barracuda was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1964 and first appeared in Strange Tales # 120.  

Character Evolution

Barracuda later switched to more advanced weaponry and would go on to face other heroes such as the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, and Namor

Mayor Story Arcs

Secret Avengers

 Captain Barracuda uses the Glove of Asteria.
 Captain Barracuda uses the Glove of Asteria.

He recently resurfaced as the leader of an organization known as Black Mast, a ruthless modern-day pirate group that had taken down over seven major oil tankers in the past two years, killing the ships crew members, stealing millions of dollars in crude oil, and sometimes even causing wide-spread environmental disasters. The Secret Avengers were called in to take Barracuda down before he could do the same to another tanker. The situation proved especially dire due to the fact that Barracuda had acquired a weapon known as the Glove of Asteria, an artifact capable of projecting a column of air at nearly the speed of light, which had disappeared from Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. shortly after Norman Osborn had shut it down while he was in power.

Despite overwhelming forces, the Secret Avengers quickly proved victorious against Barracuda and managed to save the remaining hostages from the tanker. Unfortunately, Barracuda ended up using the Horn of Proteus, which had been thought lost at sea for years after a battle with the Fantastic Four, to summon a horde of sea monsters in a desperate bid to regain the upper hand. Moon Knight's quick thinking however, allowed the Secret Avengers to safely escape with the hostages, leaving Barracuda to his fate at the hands of the creatures he himself had summoned.

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