Captain Barbell

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    Never underestimate the power of magic gym equipment!

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    The victim of every bully in his neighborhood impoverished 14 year old Enteng decides to build up his body to defend himself, however because he can not afford any proper equipment or training his efforts just results in the bully pounding on him with even more enthusiasm.

    With things looking hopeless Enteng is approached by hermit who gives him a rusted iron barbell, telling him if he believes and tries enough to be able to lift it above his head it will prove, like him, to have more power then it seems at first glance. Working hard Enteng gets himself to the point where he can perform the feat the hermit gave him.  At which point there is a crash of lightning and Enteng finds himself transformed into in a new powerful adult form, that is not only fantastically strong, but also gives him the ability to fly and makes him bullet proof.

    After that whenever he holds the barbell, which by then has changed from rusted iron to gold, aloft and shouts “Captain Barbell“, he is transformed into that form for a few hours.

    Enteng then embarks on a carrier in the bludgeoning superhero business.

    Operating independently for the first few years, he would eventually team up with other meta humans in the Philippines, Darna, Lastikman, Tiny Tony, Flash Bomba, and Dyesebel the mermaid.    


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