Captain Atom's Origin, Supporting Characters/Villains and Biggest Story Arc (Pre-DCnU)

These are issues recommended for understanding the Captain Atom universe:

Issue 1-Explains how he got his powers

Issue 2,7,8, 44, 49-Focus on his love interest Plastique

Issue 3-Explains how he has a secret identity

Issue 9, 10,19, 39, 45, 49,50-His supporting characters are used heavily (development/depth)

Issue 12 and Annual #1-Major Force, his arch rival, is introduced

Issue 14 and 23-A major villain for Captain Atom is introduced (plays a crucial role in the big story arc)

Issue 32, 35, 36-His power source is explained

Issue 1, 3, 9, Annual #1, 26, 27, 28-His biggest story arc that ties how he got his powers, is forced to work for Eiling and his attempt to be free from Eiling/Government.


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