Captain Atom's Powers Down Played

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With the exception of when he is Monarch his powers seem to be down played, should DC stop this?

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They don't want this happening, ever
So as long as Superman leads he will remain a poor version of Surfer or a poor version of Dr M

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He's not a poor version of anything, and he isn't why atom is getting downplayed DC is
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@BatDance: Because he's a poor version of a Character created after him?
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@BatDance: A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  But, secretly, I agree with you that this picture is, unfortunately, probably why Captain Atom's powers tend to get downplayed so much.  Personally , he is my favorite DC hero, and he has EXACTLY the right power set for a 21st century hero.    I don't consider him to be a poor man's version of anyone!
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So i guess the better question is in a Fight (to the death) who would win? Captain Atom or Superman? have to take into consideration this is CA and not Monarch that will be fighting. Superman faired off well vs Breech, Major Force and has shown that while fighting CA , superman does have the advantage in Strength and Speed. and i am aware of CA beating both Mr. Majestic and Apollo even though i feel that was slight piss on the Mr.Majestic front but the win vs Apollo was very smart. but really who do you feel would win?

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