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    Captain Atlas is a warrior and decorated Captain of the Kree military who worked with Doctor Minerva during Operation: Galactic Storm.

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    Captain Att-Lass was born on the planet Kree-Lar and proved his superiority as a soldier in military school, quickly rising through the ranks and becoming a Captain. Tasked with retrieving a Kree spy on Earth, Att-Lass found himself drawn to his fellow Kree and joined her in attempts to become more powerful through the acquisition of the Nega-bands, items originally belonging to Captain Marvel. Loyal to his race, Captain Att-Lass is determined to make his people the most powerful in the universe.


    Captain Atlas is a Marvel character created by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Manley in 1990. His first appearance was in Quasar #9.

    Character Evolution

    Captain Atlas is a proud citizen of the Kree Empire and knew from an early age he would dedicate his life to protecting and making his people the strongest and most powerful in the universe. This determination served him well when he attended the Kree Military Academy, resulting in him becoming Captain and gaining commaned of the Kree Space Fleet's best ship, Ramatam. He became a member of the collective known as Supreme Intelligence and while working as a special operative became involved with fellow Kree spy Doctor Minerva. He was able to convince his new love Minerva to enhance his physical abilities through the use of the Psyche-Magnetron she had previously discovered and with her by his side, the couple pursued all opportunities to make their race superior to all others. This relationship was and is instrumental in making Captain Atlas a real threat to the universe.

    Major Story Arcs

    Captain of Ramatan

    One of his first duties as Captain of the light cruiser Ramatan was to go to Earth and return home the secret operative there, Doctor Minerva. He found her in a small farm in Sullivan County, her physical abilities greatly enhanced much like Ms Marvel through the use of the Psyche-Magnetron she had discovered earlier. Instantly attracted to Atlas, Minerva allowed him to use it as well and but decided to postpone their return home after spotting Quasar on television wearing what they thought were prototypes of the nega bands worn by Captain Marvell. The two attended the AIM Weapons Expo and hired AIM to recreate the famous bands, but the conglomerate sent their agent MODAM after Quasar to take his quantam bands. The superhero defeated MODAM and also defeated Captain Atlas and Captain Minerva who had decided to also attempt to steal his quantam bands. The two were forced to make an oath to never return to Earth before Quasar sent them back to Kree space.

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    Undaunted, Atlas and Minerva went to the moon Titan where Captain Marvel was entombed to steal the dead hero's nega-bands. Quasar was able to stop and capture them but they were all attacked by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. In the ensuing battle, Captain Atlas was able to get the nega-bands, using their power to exchange positions with Rick Jones who had been on Earth with Wonder Man at the time. Switching back and forth between his true self and the human, Captain Atlas battled both Quasar and Wonder Man but was ultimately defeated by Wonder Man and remanded into Avengers custody.

    An Imperial Guardsman by the name Shapeshifter disguised himself as Doctor Minerva, helping Atlas him escape only to be caught by the Imperial Guard for the purpose of taking the nega-bands in his possession. Another Guardsman Oracle then retrieved from Atlas' mind all strategic knowledge of the Kree military, before being freed by fellow Kree and Starforce member Shatterax. Now a member of the Kree team, Captain Atlas returned to his home planet and fought the Avengers, only to be caught in the detonation of the nega-bomb, caused by the Kree Supreme Intelligence and Doctor Minerva in the mistaken belief the radioactive result would make all Kree people stronger. With the Kree-Lar destroyed, Captain Atlas appeared to commit suicide because of the betrayal he felt was done to him by his lover and Supreme Intelligence.

    It was revealed later by the Silver Surfer that both Atlas and Minerva were still alive and living in an uninhabited planet. The female Kree informed the former Herald of Galactus she was caring for the still suicidal Captain Atlas but the truth was the two enhanced Krees intended to revive the Kree race into a more superior race due to their dormant genes now unlocked by the nega-bomb they were exposed to.

    Back on Earth

    Captain Atlas would resurface some time later under the guise of the Earth villain Titanium Man and hire Spymaster to steal the unused armour belonging to Tony Stark alongside other criminals such as Blizzard, Whirlwind and Whiplash. After an apparently sucssesful heist Spymaster would betray the others, leaving them to fight the reinforcments positioned in Stark Tower by the Avengers. After a quick skirmish Captain Atlas would announce that he knew where to find the buyer and teleported his 'teammates' back to his ship and revealling his true identity.

    Powers and Abilities

    Captain Atlas belongs to a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Kree-Lar. Because of a stronger gravitational pull on this planet, all of its inhabitants were stronger than a normal human being. Atlas was exposed to the Psyche-Magnetron which also granted powers to Ms Marvel and Minerva but the powers he received were at a reduced level. Due to this enhancement Atlas can fly, lift nearly 10 tons and is more durable than the average Kree. As a decorated Kree military Captain he is a master of hand-to-hand combat and an accomplished pilot and strategist.

    Atlas wears a Kree military uniform which protects him from harm and the rigors of space, as well as providing him with the ability to breathe in various environments, especially while on Earth. He wears on his wrist a uni-beam for offensive battle but much prefers hand-to-hand combat due to his warrior mentality and sense of honour. For a short time Atlas wore the nega-bands which enhanced his physical abilities and allowed him to swap physical places with Rick Jones but these items are no longer in his possession.


    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 225lbs (102 kg)

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Blue

    Skin: Blue


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