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Captain Pacheco is a hard working and much respected officer stationed out of the LAPD precinct. The head of his own C.R.A.S.H (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) unit on the police force that woks outside of the jurisdiction of the department, Pacheco and his crew had been following a particularly despicable drug runner by the name of Donald Levine; A.K.A the Smack Fairy within the criminal underworld.

Said shady individual had been selling and manufacturing a new and highly illegal designer drug called Hypothalamic Methedrine, long for Hype. A narcotic that accelerates both the metabolic and cognitive perception rate to elevate a persons speed, reflexes and reaction timing above the physical norm.

His lengthily tenure on this case would culminate in partaking of the product in order understand what he's dealing with. But the investigation eventually hit a stonewall after months of observation and planning, until opportunity knocked on his door when a high speed chase on a highway was stopped dead in its tracks by the bio-android Jack Marlowe. Initially Anthony tried to make a house call to Marlowe in order to arrange a meeting with him. But he could not see him due to a business meeting in Beijing, China.

Finally presented the chance to approach Mr. Marlowe, the good captain would submit his pitch to inquire help in stemming the production of Hype in the L.A. district. But was sidelined again due to answering the duress of Hadrian's closest friends and allies.

His addiction and desperation finally reaching a fever pitch, Tony upped his recruitment stratagem and shot Spartan in his own office at Halo. All in order to confirm his suspicions about just who and what he was. Being more than contented with this discovery, he would seek to refresh his host of a conversation they had not too long ago.

But Jack pre-recorded it as his own reminder, inquiring as to why local law enforcement would seek his help given the incident he had with them not too long ago. Anthony goes onto say his special position gives him some leeway on the matter, enabling him to recruit outside assistance when called for.

Then another problem comes up in the lower area of the Halo Building. Being in a rush, Jack Marlowe brings the good captain along without hesitation, meeting some of the staff along the way while the company head moves to prevent a disaster. Fearing for his potential ally and whom he understands to be a good man's well-being, he quickly went after his saving grace towards the reactor chamber he was in. Only to find just how amazing his potential aid really was by surviving the ordeal of potential extra-dimensional meltdown.

Back at his apartment complex, Anthony suffer's from the effects of Hype withdrawal as he revives a phone call from his superior. He would soon be rudely awakened by the newly empowered Jack Marlowe in his own dwelling, who'd come to accept his request for aid.


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