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Theres a Captain America movie?


Holy s***, I can't believe there was actually a Captain America movie already made, and the Red Skull is in it too, yeah, I bet thats what many comicbook fans are saying if they haven't seen this sorry pile crap. I remember seeing this movie on Showtime when it usually came on, as a kid with alot of tolerance, I thought it was okay, but after realizing what ive watched back then, man, I must have had alot of tolerance for movies. 
But how can you blame me, if you look at the cover of the movie on the VHS tapes, it looks awesome as hell, its Captain America looking badass. 
So why didn't you ever see this movie in theaters, because it never was released in theaters as it was promised. It was supposed to be released in 1990, 50th anniversary of Captain America. But I guess seeing that its such a s***ty film, that it never made it to the theaters. Two years later the film was finally released onto television and VHS. Even the film was too horrible for it to stay on cable television which is why you would probably never see it on any networks ever again.

Anyways, the movie was a mess, yeah like all superhero movies it didn't follow the storyline, thats okay as long as it has a good storyline, but this movie didn't. I really didn't know where this movie was getting at all. Now im not going into the good and bad review because this whole movie was just crap. Only good thing that I remember from this movie was the beginning fight between the Red Skull and Captain America.  


Believe it or not, this was probably the best part of the Red Skull in the whole movie, even though he doesn't look as good as he would now in films, but back then, yeah, Red Skull did look awesome. Even the acting was pretty decent when he was kicking Captain America's ass. Now that is probably the best thing of this whole movie, was probably ten minutes of seeing Red Skull in the beginning.  

Yeah, thats the Red Skull
Yeah, thats the Red Skull

Like the actual Captain America storyline, it goes onto the future and we see Red Skull has changed. Now, what makes Red Skull very well-known, his Red - Skull, rather if its a mask or not. So Why,... why would this film have him getting more plastic surgery than Michael Jackson. Yeah, when the movie moves foward to the modern times, Red Skull......doesn't look like the Red Skull, looks like some badguy from the Dick Tracy movie, Prune face or some crap like that. 


Now, I can't review this movie in a positive way at all, no matter how I look at it, its just a mess. Even Captain America is a mess, guy looks like he's got a jock strap stretched across his face. What the hell, coolest and most awesome character in Marvel, and they do this. 


As a Marvel fan, this movie really took an awesome character and made him look like the most stupidest superhero that I have ever seen. I would actually compare this movie to flag burning, which is why you would probably never see it on DVD. But if you really want to see it and waste a good portion of your life, then you could probably find it on


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