1941 - Captain America Comics #1 - Meet Captain America (Joe Simon & Jack Kirby) - The origin.

1969 - Tomorrow You Live, Tonight I Die (Stan Lee & Jim Steranko) - Captain America #111-113

1974-1976 - Captain America & The Falcon: Secret Empire (Steve Englehart & Sal Buscema) - Captain America #169-176

Captain America and the Falcon: Madbomb (Jack Kirby) - Captain America #193-200

1980-1981 - Captain America: War & Remembrance (Roger Stern & John Byrne) - Captain America #247-255

1984-1987 - Captain America: Death of the Red Skull (J.M. DeMatteis & John Byrnes)

Avengers: Under Siege (Roger Stern & Steve Buscema) - Avengers #270-277

  • Considered by some the greatest Avengers story.

Captain America: The Captain (Mark Gruenwald & Tom Morgan) - Captain America #332-350 + Iron Man #228

1990 - Captain America: Streets Of Poison (Mark Gruenwald & Ron Lim) - Captain America #372-378

1991 - The Infinity Gauntlet #4 - Cosmic Battle on the Edge of the Universe

  • One by one, Earth's remaining heroes fall to Thanos, and Captain America is the last one standing.

1994 - 1996 - Captain America #401 - After the Storm (Mark Gruenwald & Dave Hoover) - After the shocking end of Operation: Galactic Storm, Cap questions his ability to lead the Avengers in a world where violent heroes are becoming the norm.

Captain America #425 - Super-Patriot Games (Mark Gruenwald & Dave Hoover)

  • Cap learns that the super soldier serum is expiring and he faces a difficult decision, either stop being Captain America, or die.

Captain America: Operation Rebirth (Mark Waid & Ron Garney) - Captain America #444-448, 450-454

Captain America #450 - Man Without a Country, Part 1: Executive Action(Mark Waid & Ron Garney)

  • After being framed and branded as a traitor, Captain America is exiled from the United States, and must fight to clear his name.

2002-2008 - Marvel Knights' Captain America, Vol.1-2 (Chuck Austen/John Ney Rieber & John Cassaday/Trevor Hairsine)

Captain America: Red, White & Blue

Winter Soldier By Brubaker: The Complete Collection (Ed Brubaker & Steve McNiven)

Civil War (Mark Millar & Steve McNiven)

  • How far will heroes go to in order to fight for what they stand for? Could they be willing to fight their own friends? Captain America is a major character in this Marvel event.

The Death of Captain America: Complete Collection (Ed Brubaker & Steve McNiven)

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America (Jeph Loeb & David Finch)

2011 - Captain America: Man Out of Time (Mark Waid & Jorge Molina)

  • A previous retelling of the Captain's early years.

2013 - Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z Vol.1-2 (Rick Remember & John Rominata Jr.)

2016 - Captain America: White (Jeff Loeb & Tim Sale) - Captain America: White #0-5

  • A retelling of the Captain's origins by the duo who rewrote the origines of Spider-Man, Hulk and Daredevil.

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