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Ok....I have to admit, that though I watched Captain America when I was a kid, I know very little about him...or if I did...I've forgotten it. But I am trying to locate an answer to a completely obscure trivia question put out by no less than a State Rep from Kansas in one of her e-mails to her constituents.

Since I could find absolutely nothing on the net to help me, I decided to come to the experts. And that certainly appears to be you all.

Question: Name the familiar tune that woke up Captain America one morning in the 1970s when he was far, far away from home on an historic mission. Also, identify Captain America, the mission, and how most Kansans know this song.

As you might guess from the information available on the web, I have been completely unable to determine if this is from the series, one of the 1979 movies, or from one of the comics. For me to answer this....I've got to have help. Any that you all could provide would be great.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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