Im interested in Captain America.

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I recently got interesed in Captian America and am planning to start reading the Marvel NOW!! book. I wanted to know is there any really good Captain America stories to read. The only captian America experience i have is the Ultimate Captain America limited series

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Urgh, Captain America.

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I'm also planning to start with the relaunch.

Now, I'm not an expert, but I've heard both Ed Brubaker's and Mark Gruenwald's runs were great (and I'm looking froward to reading them someday), so there's that.

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@John Valentine said:

Urgh, Captain America.

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I started reading Cap's 1960's-1990's series. Also, read his most current series. Or just go to your local shop and buy as much Cap comics as possible.

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Brubaker's Captain America is great. The vol 1 and 2 of the Winter Soldier arc is required reading IMO.

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Is Cap dead??????

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@Earth616 said:

Is Cap dead??????

Eh... no. Why do you ask?

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My Personal Captain America Reading Lis:

  1. The Marvels Project (gives you the origins of both Cap and the Invaders, plus it's also written by Ed Brubaker. A very underrated series in my opinion)
  2. Captain America: Man Out Of Time (basically gives you an in-depth look at Cap's first days after being found frozen by the Avengers, another underrated series plus it really goes hand-in-hand with the Winter Soldier storyline as it deals heavily with Cap's guilt over Bucky's death)
  3. Captain America: Winter Soldier
  4. Captain America: Red Menace
  5. Civil War & Captain America: Civil War (these really go hand-in-hand as well)
  6. Captain America: The Death of Captain America
  7. Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America
  8. Captain America: The Burden of Dreams
  9. Captain America: The Man Who Bought America
  10. Captain America: Road To Reborn
  11. Captain America: Reborn
  12. Captain America Vol.1 (Start of the 2012 relaunch, collects #1-5
  13. Captain America Vol.2 (Collects #6-10)
  14. Captain America Vol.3 (Collects #11-14)
  15. Captain America Vol.4 (Collect #15-19)
  16. Captain America (Marvel Now! Relaunch)

There are storylines after Captain America: Reborn that Brubaker also wrote, but those focus on Bucky as Cap. This list is mainly for Steve as Cap and these are the main storylines that I feel are the best places to start if someone is interested in starting reading Cap's comics. Plus they're great stories to boot. :P

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